Eligibility for Library Cards

Resident Card
All residents of Logan County are eligible for a Guthrie Public Library card.

Non-Resident Card
Any person who does not qualify for a Guthrie Public Library card but wishes to borrow material from the library may be given a non-resident card for a fee which entitles that person to full library service for twelve months.

Institutional Card
Organizations with an educational mission may be eligible to receive an institutional card with the Library Director’s authorization. Loan maximums will be set based on the institution’s needs and the library’s ability to meet those needs without jeopardizing services or materials available for other patrons.

Library Card Registration and Renewal

Library Cards for Adults
An application form must be completed for every person 17 and older wanting to borrow materials from the library. Proof of home address is required as part of the application process. Identification must include photo identification and any item showing name and current address, such as a recent utility bill, rent receipt, imprinted personal check, or valid current vehicle registration. If proof of address cannot be presented, the completed application may be mailed to the applicant’s residence. When the applicant receives the form in the mail, he/she may return it to the library for a card and full borrowing privileges.

Library Cards for Children
The library requires that a parent or guardian sign the application form for their children 16 years or younger acknowledging responsibility for library materials checked out by their children and payment of any fines, fees or charges incurred by their children.

Renewal of Library Cards
Library cards are issued for one year from the date of the application. Resident, institutional, and student cards will be renewed upon confirmation that the patron’s name, address, and phone number have not changed and updating the record if they have. Non-resident cards will be renewed upon confirmation of the same information and payment of the annual fee.

Borrowing Records
Records of cardholders are confidential. The computer maintains records only for the current and previous borrower of a particular item.

Standard Loan Rules

A library card must be presented at checkout. A driver’s license may be used in lieu of a library card on occasion but not on a regular basis. If a patron loses his or her library card, a replacement card must be purchased according to the fee schedule.

  • Patrons are responsible for materials checked out on their library card.
  • A maximum of ten (10) items may be checked out on a card. On the day a new library card is issued, only two (2) items may be borrowed. On the return of those items, the patron will have full privileges.
  • Telephone renewals will be accepted.
  • Replacement costs plus a fee will be charged to the patron for items returned damaged to the extent that the item must be withdrawn from circulation.
  • If on two separate occasions, a patron who claims to have returned an item, and such claims cannot be verified from library records, will be prohibited from borrowing further materials.
  • If material has a ‘reserve’ on it, material will not be available for renewal.

Loan Periods

Materials may be checked out for the period defined by the chart below. Reference books and items designated as “Non-Circulating” do not check out to the public.

Books, Audiocassettes, CDs, Playaways, Multimedia Kits, Periodicals

14 days
2-10 items per card

Videos, DVDs

7 days
3 videos per card

Interlibrary Loan

If the patron requests an item that the library does not own, s/he may borrow it through Interlibrary Loan. The patron must fill out an Interlibrary Loan request and have a valid Guthrie Public Library card with no items overdue and no unpaid fines. A limit may be placed on the number of items a patron may request through Interlibrary Loan.

Charges for Interlibrary Loan

The patron is charged an Interlibrary Loan Fee plus any fines or fees assessed by the owning library including charges for lost or damaged items. See Fee Schedule for cost.


Library materials unavailable for checkout may be placed on reserve. Customers will be contacted by telephone or email as soon as the requested item becomes available. Requested items will be held for three (3) days.

Fees and Payments

Fines are charged for overdue materials. Materials not returned on time will be considered ‘lost’ and the patron’s borrowing privileges will be suspended until materials are returned or paid for. Fees will be charged to patrons according to the Fee Schedule adopted by the Guthrie Library Board and approved by the Guthrie City Council. Outstanding charges will be brought to a patron’s attention at the checkout desk.

Patrons with an outstanding balance may not borrow items or use the public access computers until their account is paid in full.

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