Computer Policy

The Guthrie Public Library provides computers for public use. Computers are available for document preparation and access to various electronic resources including the Internet, library catalog, and databases.

Conditions and Terms of Use in the Library

All computer users must read the policies and procedures for library computer and Internet usage and sign an Acceptable Use Agreement.

If the user is under the age of eighteen (18), his/her parent or legal guardian must also read and sign the agreement in the presence of library staff.

Users must treat library materials and equipment in a responsible manner in order to preserve the equipment and insure availability for other users. Users must not interfere with the operation of any computer, including altering, damaging, or destroying data or computer programs or installing or downloading software to the computers.

Users must not use any library computer for any illegal or criminal purpose including copying resources that are protected by copyright. Such resources may include, but are not limited to, software, data, text files, images, and sounds. The library reserves the right to confiscate illegal copies that are created with library equipment.

Users must not access, view, upload, download, or otherwise distribute or knowingly receive materials that are pornographic or obscene. In accordance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act, users must not access, view, upload, download, or otherwise distribute or knowingly receive visual images that are harmful to minors.

Staff will gladly assist Internet users but cannot provide extensive instruction. During certain hours of operation, staff time may be severely limited.

Users may use free e-mail sites available on the web for public use.

Material may be printed using the public access printer. Fees for printing are determined by the Library Board.

Access to Internet Resources

The Internet is an unregulated medium that offers access to a wealth of material that is personally, professionally and culturally enriching to individuals of all ages. The Internet also enables access to some material that may be offensive, disturbing, and/or illegal. The library cannot control or monitor all material accessed by patrons and networks via the Internet; however, in accordance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act, Technology Protection Measures will be utilized. Such measures will include filtering software and/or hardware. Individual users must accept responsibility for determining content suitability of unfiltered sites. Users are encouraged to inform library staff if visual images that are pornographic, obscene, or harmful to minors are unfiltered. Adult users may request that a staff member disable the filter for their use.

Parents of minor children have full responsibility for their child’s use of the library’s Internet terminals. Just as parents are encouraged to discuss appropriate use of other library materials, the library encourages parents to discuss with their children the appropriate use of electronic resources available through the Internet. Parents are encouraged to discuss with their children the hazards of releasing personal information on the Internet.

Because the library’s ability to provide Internet access is limited, the library reserves the right to allow or restrict access to selected sites to insure the most efficient use of resources. The library also reserves the right to ask users to refrain from displaying computer images that are inappropriate for public viewing.


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